The New Technology That Changes Computer Industry

The New Technology That Changes Computer Industry

Computer started from big machine that required football field to keep all part. After several developments, it shaped into big box then became smaller until turned into laptop. Today, you cannot escape from computer due to its benefits that make life easier. For your information, digital era brings the utmost features and capability to implement this tech.

The issue is the trend changes rapidly even five years ago is still considered out of date. Today, you must go alongside computer especially business and company. If they cannot adapt, other will take over with more adaptability. The interesting thing is you still find the promising development without end. Some techs will be more prominent in the future. The next list shows some of them that are already started today.

The New Technology That Changes Computer Industry
The New Technology That Changes Computer Industry
  1. Quantum computing

Ordinary computer is not enough to handle the heaviest computation. Researchers gather data with utmost complexity. To analyze, they must have the reliable computer and its software. This is where quantum computing will be the future. This tech will deliver faster and more reliable processing.

  1. Cloud computing

Cloud computing is not new tech but will get more update to boost capability. Most company migrate their system into this one. They only rent what they need the most. Cloud computing becomes a prominent service after Amazon introduced AWS. After that, you also find azure from Microsoft. Google drive and Dropbox are examples of this tech but in small scale.

  1. 5g network and technology

Everything is in your hand. This is what you can see in today era. Smartphone and internet are mandatory things to obtain. To get network, 4g was introduced with faster connection. Users may watch video streaming in HD quality. Download and upload become easier. That’s not enough because the fifth generation is already started. 5g network for mobile broadband delivers faster connection than predecessor. The only issue is expensive and less coverage. Based on previous implementation, this situation will be solved few years later so that 5g becomes more reliable connectivity.

The New Technology That Changes Computer Industry
The New Technology That Changes Computer Industry
  1. Artificial intelligence

The most popular computer trend is artificial intelligence. Computer can solve various issues easily. Without enough data, it performs as similar as human with potential to expand. In fact, most difficult tasks are already relinquished to computer. The example of AI is search engine. You can find everything easily and quickly with utmost accuracy.

  1. Blockchain technology

Blockchain will the next future of financial system. People know this one from cryptocurrency. On the other hand, the basic technology is about providing decentralized ledger. It can be applied to any transaction.

  1. Extended reality

Extended technology with be one of promising technology in the future. It combines virtual and augmented reality. You use VR device to get full fantasy world modelled by computer. When playing Pokémon Go, the tech called augmented reality because implementing virtual into real world. The extended will be more advanced due to close interaction.