The Best Android Apps for Video Editing

The Best Android Apps for Video Editing

You need powerful pc or laptop to handle video editing task. Moreover, it still takes long time until video is ready especially when you have 4k with long duration. On the other hand, some videos are just simple and easy where people enjoy to watch. You do not need such high-end computer because android smartphone is enough.

The only thing you should have is the proper app for video editing. In play store, you find several promising apps but lack of quality and capability. The next list will shows the best android apps you can choose to ensure everything you need is available with excellent result.

The Best Android Apps for Video Editing
The Best Android Apps for Video Editing
  1. Kinemaster

Kinemaster is known for the best video editor for mobile phone with advanced features. You can edit video after recording directly then add music, text, filter, effect, picture, and more contents. The premium version also gives some additional templates including ready fillers so that your video becomes more interesting and high quality.


  1. Adobe Premiere Rush

You often use Adobe products to do multimedia editing including video and picture. The company expands its business into mobile apps for android platform. The new release is adobe premiere rush with capability for video editing. This app will handle basic task such as cut, spilt, and anything you want including adding some layers. Moreover, users can save the project in the cloud service and open anywhere from other devices.


  1. FilmoraGo

The problem with video editing app is less intuitive due to limited screen. You will not find this issue when using FilmoraGo. The app is mobile version from the one you can use in the computer. It has enough features to handle editing quickly and efficiently. Moreover, rendering does not take too many resources.

The Best Android Apps for Video Editing
The Best Android Apps for Video Editing
  1. Vivacut

You need quick editor for video that can be used in android smartphone. One of the best option is Vivacut. This one has million downloads in play store. It means the app has high capability as video editor. You can use any device and the result is still excellent. Of course, the high-end specs will deliver the utmost video at all.


  1. PowerDirector

If you need the reliable and powerful video editor app, PowerDirector must be on the list. This one is from the prominent company that creates software for multimedia and video editing. Even though you only use mobile version, the capability is still excellent. Make sure your device can support all features so that the result will be ultimate.

Things to know before using smartphone for video editing

You must know several things before using smartphone for video editing. App is necessary but the key factor is phone’s specifications. As usual, you get fast rendering and processing when using the high-end device. Moreover, video editing also requires powerful chipset and gpu.